Teshuvah 40 Day Fast

What is Teshuvah?

Text:  Col 2:14-17; Heb. 10:1-7

  1. The Feast of Trumpets is also called Rosh Hashanan, or the Head of the Year—the beginning of the civil year in which Teshuvah began. Blowing the Shofar:  We should: Repent, Pray/fast, Forgive others, Give, & Declare!!!
  2. The word Teshuvah means repentance.
  3. Teshuvah begins on the 1st of Elul and continues to the 10th of Tishrei (The Day of Atonement) Jewish calendar.
  4. From Elul 1 to Elul 29 (approx. 30 days), people are to search themselves and spend time reflecting on their personal lives and relationship with God.
  5. Once Rosh Hashanah arrives and the 100 Trumpets are blown, there are Ten Days of Awe.
  6. God makes His Heavenly decision during this time!
  7. These 40 Days are a prime season to: #1 Repent, #2 Pray/fast, #3 Forgive others, #4 Plant a special thanksgiving offering into the Work of God, #5 Declare what you need!

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